Weymouth Beacon Lighting's at Nothe Fort and Sea Life Tower

Nothe Fort and Sea Life Tower from Sea

Update 2019: This event has now ended. Kept for reference only. On Friday 8th May 2015, Weymouth will play host to the VE (Victory in Europe) beacon lighting to celebrate this mementos occasion.

Weymouth played a fairly large part in WW2. This included many US troops leaving from our harbour to head out for D-Day. Check out the first three images on the following page of amazing images. Click each image to see how it looks now:

World War 2 before and after photos

At Nothe Fort, the Mayor of Weymouth and Portland will host the lighting with local sea cadets and veterans in attendance.

Nothe Fort and Sea Life Tower from Air

You should be able to see this clearly from Weymouth’s stone pier. The base of the Sea Life Tower will also be illuminated at the same time. this will give the impression of it being engulfed in flames as the gondola rises upwards.

Weymouth Pavillion and Sea Life Tower

The events will start at around 9.30pm on Friday 8th May 2015. Be sure to get here nice and early to “reserve” your space...no shoving now please : )

To keep the celebrations going, there will be a free VE picnic event on Portland the following day. That is Saturday 9th May and will start at 11.30am at the Easton Gardens and finish at 4.30pm.

The day includes:

If you are not already in the area, check out our availability and come and stay for the night!